Life in Bloom

An unladylike glow?

Clothing taking a hammering? Constant reapplication of anti-perspirant? Sounds like you have hyperhidrosis, the medical term for frequent or excessive sweating of the underarm or forehead areas. This can be more of a problem in the warmer weather, but many people suffer this year round. Women going through menopause also experience excessive perspiration – it …

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Making bookings

If you’re wondering where and when you might be able to see Nicole for a blooming beautiful cosmetic injectable treatment, you’re in luck! Nicole runs regular clinics at Simpkins Street Villa in Whakatane (visit their website to book online, or jump over to our Bookings tab on this site). She is also regularly at Gloss …

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2018 and lips

Cosmetic injections are all about creating balance this year, which means your lips should be in proportion to the rest of your face. Lip shape and fullness should be driven by the rest of your features, not just because you want your lips to be full, or to be like someone else’s. Appearance medicine treatments …

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Viva la Vita!

Well, it was pretty exciting getting all dressed up and sharing the BloomSkin love with this great local Whakatane based magazine. As you can see, vintage was the theme and we LOVED stepping back in time to days gone by: so glam, so feminine and so sophisticated and such a great opportunity to show off …

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Seeing the results

When you’ve made the decision to have an appearance medicine treatment for the first time, it’s exciting, I remember it very well! Keep in mind though, that the results for treatment with the neurotoxins, Botox and Dysport, are not completely active for up to two weeks after your appointment. This does differ in individuals but …

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Flying and fillers

How soon after dermal fillers can I fly? This is a common question, and a valid one as many people have their treatment before they jet off on holiday, or to a special occasion. Nicole recommends waiting 3-4 days  and ideally a week if you’re going to fly for over three hours. Fillers are all …

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