To everything there is a season and this too applies to our skin and its’ ageing. Whether your skin is celebrating spring, or perhaps feeling more like the dried out leaves of autumn, injectable treatments at Bloom will enhance your natural attributes. With the clever use of products, hand-picked for your individual concerns, Nicole will prescribe a treatment plan. Her softly-softly approach results in subtle, glowing results – no frozen faces here!


These are the vertical lines in between the eyebrows. They are common in people who frown a lot, or due to sun-exposure. Now why would you want to appear worried when there really isn’t any need? Small injections of Botox will smooth your lines away, placed between and along the brow, allowing you movement without the lines. If you are beginning to develop these lines, have them smoothed out now. If you already have them, fear not. Dermal filler is your friend!


  So, we love to see expressive faces but sometimes, the muscles need to relax and stop those deep grooves happening. These horizontal lines which develop across our foreheads increasingly as we age, can give a worried or grumpy appearance. Try raising your eyebrows. Furrowed brow? Nicole will deftly eliminate these with small injections of Botox, still allowing movement but ensuring you regain that youthful look.


  The very name sees us wanting to banish these so, if you have that distinctive concertina effect of fine, fanning lines when you laugh or even smile, you may need your Crow’s feet addressed. As the skin loses elasticity and again, with over exposure to the sun, these lines develop and can make you appear older than you feel. The injecting of Botox around the outer eye area will soften them and have you looking as relaxed as if you’d just spent a month in the Caribbean – without the sun damage!


  there are many things we love about lemons here at BloomSkin, but not when associated with lips! Also known as smoker’s lines, or bar codes and often – though not always – caused by smoking, these lines appear around the mouth above the top lip. Tiny amounts of Botox above the lip work a treat and depending on the depth of the lines, hydrating with supple dermal filler brings those lips back to full pout. No more lipstick bleeds, hiding behind boring natural lip colours – you are going to blossom!


Remember Punch & Judy? Picture those distinctive lines that allowed those famous puppets’ mouths to move… Those are what we refer to as Marionette lines and while they were cute on them, they make us look permanently sad. Botox® can turn your sad to happy by subtly up-turning the corners of your mouth. Nicole may also use dermal filler to plump those crevices out. You will love the effect! The refreshing of the lower face is the unsung hero of appearance medicine treatments.


So, those bunnies may be cute but they can keep their scrunched up lines to themselves. Try this: squint or frown. Do you see small wrinkles gathering at the bridge of your nose? That’s them and they can be easily treated with Botox injections, softening and smoothing your appearance, eliminating that blot on your landscape.


Horizontal nose to mouth lines come about as nasolabial folds deepen and crease with age. They can cause a shadowy effect to the face, and we know this – most flowers do not thrive in the shadows! So, have your lines rehydrated with dermal fillers, popping them back out into the light and giving you a smooth and youthful glow.


so, your luscious lips have lost their pout? No trout allowed, but we can restore a natural volume to your lips, allowing you to pucker up to perfection!  


while they may be music to your ears, these vertical lines don’t have the same effect on your cheeks and can be dealt with in a similar manner to those pesky barcodes, above.


wearing a smile is often the only beauty treatment we need, but too much gum on show can really ruin the moment. This is a very common concern and one which is simply and effectively treated by relaxing the upper lip with Botox®. Some like to add a little plush volume to their lips as well, with silky soft dermal filler – pucker up petal!


leave it to some fabulous sunnies to shade your eyes, not the droop of your lateral brow. By lifting this area with subtle use of Botox®, a youthful look is restored and your eyebrow arch restored.


Let’s sharpen up the jawline, redefine your chin and pre-jowl tendencies by re-sculpting the area to its former youthful shape, relaxing the scrunching and bunching and overuse of the masseter muscles. This treatment is much-loved by both Garden Gods and Goddesses.


until this is pointed out to you, you just might not notice, but once it is, it’s all you can see! The tips of our noses do droop with age, just like flowers at the end of a summers day. Elevating the nose tip with tiny injections of Botox®, is a sassy wee trick, once again restoring your youthful bloom.


An unladylike glow? Ruined business shirts? Constant reapplication of anti-perspirant? Sounds like you have hyperhidrosis, the medical term for frequent or excessive sweating of the underarm or forehead areas. You can have this taken care of at Bloom, and it’s a treatment many people schedule in every six months or so to make sure they nip it in the bud before it becomes an issue again. Small amounts of Botox® are placed under the skin, paralysing the tiny muscles under the skin which are responsible for the flow of sweat through the pores.